Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bruce Falconer, Missing Since 1981

Monday4 the Missing would like to welcome you to our first venture in this project. We have chosen to honor Bruce Falconer. We hope that as time goes by, many bloggers will join us in featuring a missing person entry on your sites each Monday.

Bruce Falconer was a Marine from the time he was 16 years old, joining with his mother's approval. In 1981 he had just been promoted to sergeant and was home on leave in Bismark, South Dakota before leaving for Yuma, Arizona, catching up with old friends, including Tim Jewell.

The two of them went out the night of February 20, and hit a few bars, later going to a spot along the Missouri River known as the "Desert" in Bruce's Blazer. The evening did not turn out as Bruce and Tim had planned. What happened still remains a mystery which investigators have worked on for a long 27 years.

Bruce's mother, Dorothy, has said that after a long time with no results of searches, she made up her mind to not become a bitter, grieving woman for the sake of her remaining family. The Marines had Bruce declared dead five years after his disappearance.

In December, 1992 a hunter found skeletal remains in the "Desert" and investigators felt sure they were either Bruce Falconer or Tim Jewell. After dental records were checked it was determined that they were, in fact, the remains of Tim Jewell, and medical examiners determined that Tim had died of exposure.

Although much time had passed, Dorothy sobbed at Tim Jewell's funeral, still not able to rest in her own heart knowing that her son, Bruce, has still not been found. Investigators state that all possibilities are still being checked to this day, it is still an open investigation, and that they will not give up.

This must give Dorothy at least a small bit of comfort to know that there are those who will not forget her son, Bruce Falconer.

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Seeker said...

Hopefully he will be recovered so his family has the peace of laying him to rest. If not, however, now his family knows there are others out there that care about her brave son and are praying for her. Semper Fi.