Friday, August 22, 2008

Mondays4 the Missing

This blog is designed to feature a missing person's case each and every Monday that has not been given adequate attention by the media or law enforcement agencies. The statistics show almost a million people in our country are reported missing each year and only a handful of those cases are considered newsworthy.

We believe that all missing persons are important. They are someone's loved one and the devastation it causes in the lives of those families that are left behind is staggering.

We are now in the planning and working stages of this project. Our plan is to contact as many bloggers as we can that would be willing to devote their Monday entries to a particular missing person. We will contact you and let you know which case will be featured, some background information on each case and links to where you can read anything that we can find on the missing person.

We hope that you will say yes to our invitation and become a part of a blogroll that will be set up in the near future. If we can all unite and give attention to that one missing person, maybe we can be instrumental in bringing someone home to the ones who miss and love them.


Maggie's Rose said...

What a fantastic thing if the whole blogging community got together in a really powerful way. You could just save someone's life...Do something good today. Give some space on your blog to someone who desperately needs your help.

mammabear said...

What a great idea! The more people who see a face, the more likely someone will recognize the profile, and help bring someone home!

Seeker said...

How about Bruce Falconer? He just strikes with me because there has been no trace of him. Therefore, no closure for his mom and family. His friend Tim Jewell's remains were found and buried and with that the family has drawn on some type of idea of closure, but wouldn't they want to know FOR SURE? I do...there are just so many, I know we will fill this up in no time. I like the idea of featuring those with little/no media and cold cases.

Seeker said...

The Bismarck Tribune did a two part peace on the 27th anniversary of Falconer's disappearance. Heart wretching. I can feel, rather than hear what his mom is saying.

She knows in her head her son is gone, but hope is still there. That is what having a missing loved one does, it conflicts you against yourself. Hope and Fear co exist in the same person.