Monday, September 15, 2008

Benjamin Kyle

The Benjamin Kyle story is a different twist on missing persons cases. You see, we know where he is, but, it isn't really him. If that sounds odd to you, please let it be known that missing persons cases are never cut and dried or even as similar as we think.

Benjamin Kyle is the name a man, believed to be in his mid 50's, has taken for himself for the last 4 years. This man was found naked and beaten, most likely left for dead, beside a dumpster in Richmond Hill, Georgia, just south of Savannah. When he was found, he had no identification and no memory of who he is and where he came from.

He started using the name "Benjamin Kyle" but was listed as a living "John Doe" and has been listed with The Doe Network so that workers there can help him figure out who he is, or who he was.

Through the tireless efforts of Todd Matthews, Project EDAN was able to do age "regressed" pictures so that someone might recognize him from his former life. Todd is leading the development of NamUs, an organization to identify the many "Does", and will include living "Does" into that system.

In the meantime, Benjamin Kyle is said to be a well spoken, above average intelligence man who carries himself with a professional demeanor.

Maybe someone will recognize him today and help him find himself.

If you have any information about this case please contact:
FBI - Savannah, GA
Bill Kirkconnell
You may remain anonymous when submitting information.


John said...

Went to All Saints Catholic in the 70s in Indy, Looks like a Jim Hillman I went to school with. Problem is Jim would be 43 today, so maybe not.

jerry said...

In my opinion, there are only 2 possible reasons that no one has claimed this guy: 1) All of his family and friends are dead. 2) All of his friends and family think he is dead or moved away.

Here's the story:
Once upon a time (13 to 20 years ago) there was a man named William Albert "Spike" Keathley. This man lived at addresses in Anderson, IN (on 43rd St., 21st St., Alhambra,...), Muncie, IN and New Castle, IN. He was a musician who could play guitar, banjo, violin, trumpet, piano, harmonica and possibly more. According to his brother, he eventually moved to Phoenix, AZ where he "died" in 1996 from smoke inhalation (that's all his brother knows about it). When I showed him the time regressed pictures from the Dr. Phil Show, he stopped acting annoyed and started acting SCARED! He said the picture looked a whole lot like Spike but he didn't want to have anything to do with it. He also has 3 sisters that I haven't communicated with.
Is it possible there was some kind of mix up? Spike never really died?
Is it possible Spike was in some sort of "suspended" state and finally just WOKE UP?
The guy (in the time regressed picture) looks JUST like Spike did 30 years ago (that's when I knew him) when he lived in Pasadena, TX (near Houston).

"Benjaman", please email me ( if you have proof that you're not Spike... or even if you have proof you are.

Spike, remember "Footprint's on the Dashboard Upside Down" or "Who's She Lovin'"? Do you remember copywriting these songs?

jb said...

I'm thinking that one reason nobody has reported him missing and or even knows that it was broadcast on it possible that he is Amish? They wouldn't have access to television. People leave amish communities and I doubt they would report anything to police because if they think you turned your back on the belief, they shun you and pretty much you're dead to them. So there would be no communication. Hmmm. Sounds far fetched but so is this whole story to begin with.