Sunday, April 19, 2009

Travis Lee Baker, Monday4 the Missing

No Where to Turn for Family of Missing Son

Travis Baker’s case joins the rising number of missing person cold cases

Wilmington, N.C. – the family of Travis Baker once again dread the upcoming date of April 16th,
As it remains a constant reminder of their son and him vanishing without a trace.
Travis Lee Baker was last seen in Catawba County in North Carolina on April 16, 2007; neither Travis nor his candy apple red 1998 camero, NC tag number WRP8627 has been recovered. Mr. Baker has three tattoos, his last name in capital letters across his back, the name “Hallie” on his chest and red & black tribal band on his upper left and right arm. Travis has a 2 inch scar on his left upper thigh from a sport injury.

Since his disappearance many rumors and speculation have invaded the small town community of Catawba County, one being Travis was involved in a drug deal gone bad which may have lead to his becoming a missing person; although the proof of this fact is nothing more than hearsay. “I do not think what a person was or was not doing should give anyone the right to hurt or murder a person”, said Dwayne Baker, the father of Travis. “All children will makes mistakes and are guilty of making bad decisions in life, Travis was nineteen years old and was still growing up”, he would have never fallen far from his roots and values instilled by his loved ones”, Mr. Baker added.

“Families of the missing are the victims of various crimes and should be treated as such; they have the right to be informed of their case progress and be treated with empathy”, said Monica Caison, CUE’s founder. Recently information surfaced of human remains that were found in Charlotte, N.C. last December; the family of Travis Baker has made inquiries to officials and the media to only be told when they find out, the family will be notified. After waiting four long months Dwayne Baker inquired himself and found out that his son was excluded in the first week of the discovery. “It’s frustrating that we, the families of the missing have to work on our own to get answers, we are the ones out here that cannot sleep and worry every minute of the day”, Mr. Baker said.

The family and friends of the missing youth have conducted public events in hope that a tip would be called in and have conducted searches in an effort to aid local authorities; in addition to keep focused they have attending conferences for the missing to be empowered in their journey and have took a leap further in obtaining training and attending searches for other missing persons, even traveling out of state.

Just this past January Dwayne Baker answered the call for a search conducted by the CUE Center for Missing Persons in collaboration with many levels of law officials in South Carolina for Alice Donovan, a woman who was car jacked and murdered in 2006 by two Kentucky escaped prisoners. Mr. Baker was involved in the search effort that discovered her remains. “To keep my sanity, I try to give back, it’s the right thing to do”, said Dwayne Baker. We all have the right as American citizens, my son and I both have rights and I will continue to exercise them and for the victims who have no voice.

Just this week, another set back for the Baker family as they learned that no entry was made for their son Travis into CODIS, a Texas lab that handles the nations DNA process for missing persons. Over a year ago the inquiry was made on this matter to officials and he was informed Travis was entered, but he is not, “I will move forward to make sure my son has every advantage for what is available to identify him and or locate him”, Mr. Baker said. Today’s technology such as CODIS is free to law officials across the country and set in place for the victims and should be utilized, said CUE’s founder, Monica Caison.

On April 16 the family and friends of Travis Baker marked two years since he vanished. We join them in remembering and offer our support and prayers that Travis will be found soon and put an end to their daily trials.

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geresa_ said...

It's so strange to see (young, good-looking, strong) men go missing. While it's not pshyically possible to vanish, so what has happened? WHERE is he? WHAT happened? So many unanswered questions. This is so sad... I hope who ever knows any answers will find the truth inside their hearts and come out with it already!! SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE KNOWS SOMETHING!
My deepest sympathy,
Ali G,
Please FIND Missing DYLAN KOSHMAN~* <3 Forever Loved & Never Forgotten... always searching for answers.....