Monday, May 18, 2009

'Charles' Karoly John HARVOTH-ALLAN, Monday4 the Missing

In the fall of 1988 'Charles' Karoly John HARVOTH-ALLAN had decided to go backpacking through British Columbia Canada to explore the place where he was born and to meet family members..Charles was a young man of twenty years old, full of life. Very nice man. Easy to talk to, easy to like, and a person who loved to joke around. He had a very close relationship with his mother Denise..

May 11 1989 Charles sent his final letter home to his Mom by fax from Kelowna BC Canada. During his time in Kelowna Charles was registered at local student job agencies and had accepted various jobs. May 11 1989 Charles registered and camped in one of the local Trailer Parks in Lakeshore Road.

May 26 1989 Charles collected his pay from Flinstones Adventure Park and cashed it at The Royal Bank Orchard Park, Kelowna British Columbia Canada..From there what happened to Charles is unknown..Many leads and stories have surfaced but the actual truth remains to be seen..Did Charles just vanish off the face of the earth? Did Charles meet with foulplay? Was Charles murdered and left somewhere in Canada? These answers have yet to be answered for his mother Denise who has struggled for twenty years looking for answers of her missing son..

What does a mother do or think when her child goes missing and vanishes off the face of the earth? How does a mother move on with her life without her child who was taken from her. A child that she gave birth to, a child who is an extention of herself, a child that she spent twenty years trying to protect and keep safe...I don't have any idea..I can't even begin to imagine what hell her life has and is going through to this day...
Charles has a memorial site ready for him. A place for his remains to spend eternity in peace..A proper place for Denise to go to visit her son..That is if someone would be so bold as to step up to the plate and truly tell the truth as to what happened to Charles and where he is! Twenty years of keeping a secret is just to long and I am sure that by now that secret has certainly eating away at that person who knows the truth of what happend to Charles in May 1989...

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Thank You for not forgetting my 'Charles'

Please light a candle on May 26th 2009.