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Faye Aline Self, Monday4 the Missing

What better way to honor her missing mother than being a voice for not only Faye Aline Self, but for many other victims of crime in Louisiana as well. Please join daughter Karrie and all of us at Peace4 the Missing as we do our best to bring light to the darkness surrounding the case of Faye Aline Self and all the others.

Fight For The Victims, March 30!

written by daughter, Karrie

As you all know, My family has been begging the Red River Sheriff's Department for justice for nearly 26 years. March 30, 2009, will mark the 26th years I have been without my mother. I grew up in the shadow of a phantom mother and with the vivid imagination only a child can have. It took my child like mind six years to actual conjure up the thought, she might be dead. With this in mind, I still do not know where she is, or where her remains lay. I desperately want to bring Justice to Louisiana since finding my mother has never been a priority. If it were just her case, I would think it were an anomaly. But, it is apparently the standard by which most cases are handled in the state. Below is what I am using as a cover letter to send to every Federal and Louisiana Authority I can think of. Please join me in being a voice for the countless victims in the State of Louisiana. You may contact any agency directly, or send your notes:

I have also attached a list of victims from Louisiana, This in no way encompasses every unsolved case in the state, however, it is a sobering look at the daily reality a victims family lives through daily.

Thanks ahead of time for your compassion and help for the victims!

I am appealing to you to help those in your state that can no longer help themselves. I am referring to the staggering number of unsolved missing and murdered cases in the state of Louisiana. My mother, FAYE ALINE SELF, disappeared from Red River Parish March 30, 1983. As the letter that follows explains, we tried desperately to bring closure to her case, but have been met with resistance from the local Red River Sheriffs department to the Louisiana Attorney General's office. In the years I have spent researching my mom's case, I have come across countless cases that could very well be my own. Judy Gary, vanished in 1988, and her family was also denied the opportunity to file a missing persons report. This in itself is not a crime, though it certainly should be. I have been told many times that there is no one has jurisdiction over police. And, I must first prove that the local police committed a crime. The loss of evidence and other things listed in my letter are not illegal as of yet. It has been told to me, that it is a shame, but incompetence is not illegal and in the smaller parishes this sometimes happens! It was further explained to me that when the smaller parishes can not afford to hold a murder trial, it is easier to call a case a 'suicide' or 'self defense' to save Parish funding.

I kindly remind you that Jesus, Our Savior was moved to compassion for the masses. I am only asking that you and those of us with murdered and missing loved ones stand together to combat the air of corruption that has surrounded the state of Louisiana for so long.

I humbly ask that you look at the list of unsolved cases I have included here and pray for guidance in the laws and procedures that need to be changed for the betterment of the citizens of Louisiana. This list in no way encompasses all of the unsolved missing and murdered, but it is a sobering look at the reality that so many of us face daily.

I eagerly await your reply.



1956, Audrey Moate, St. John the Baptist Parish1996, Lurline H DeWitt, De Soto Parish1997, Syble Brumley, De Soto ParishConstance Anderson, De Soto ParishDeshanna Gray, De Soto ParishAlicia Strathers, Livingston Parish1992, Wilda Mae Benoit, Cameron Parish1987, Vicki Carriere, Jefferson Parish1991, James Cary Smith, Jefferson Parish1993, Walter Lee Brown, Jefferson ParishHeather Renee' SkarinaCory RubioLynn Chaisson, Jennings, LA.Ernestine Marien DAniel Patterson, Jennings, LA.Kristen Gary Lopez, Jennings, LA.Laconia Shontel Brown, Jennings, LA.Crystal Shay Benoit Zino, Jennings, LA.Hannah Griffith, Red River ParishBrittney Gary, Jefferson ParishMisty Lynn GuilloryBabette Alberti Philips, Jefferson Parish1988, Judy Ann Gary, 1986, St. Martin's Parish1988, Rebecca Pauline Gary,Baton Rouge, LA.1983, Faye Aline Self, Red River Parish1983, Wanda Faye Hudson, Red River Parish1980, Katherine Hays, Red River Parish1984, Perry Casen1984, Corey Gilbert, Jefferson Parish1995, Johnny Babino, Jefferson Parish1998, SAndra Yvonne Strickland, Jefferson Parish1986, Londa Young, Calcasieu Parish1996, Anthony J. Cavet, E Baton Rouge Parish1991, Flora Tobin, Jefferson Parish1993, Tina Ledet, Jefferson Parish1996, Virginia Hollingsworth, Jefferson Parish1991, Rolando Schweikert, Jefferson Parish1992, Clarence Ruffin, Jefferson Parish1982, Emino Nakamura Murray, Jefferson Parish1991, Kathleen Robinson, Jefferson Parish1992, Joyce Kennedy, Jefferson Parish1999, Yasuko Guillory, Jefferson Parish2208, Joseph Shelton Jacob, Marksville2007, Candice Phillips, Lafayette2006, Clint Devon Nelson, Bossier2004, Amber Michwich Loftin, Shreveport1994, Kayla Mayberry, Shreveport1992, Kelly Dae Wilson, Gilmer, TX (West of Shreveport)2001, Gina Green, Baton Rouge2002, Murray Pace, Baton Rouge2002, Pam Kinamore2002, Dena Colomb1990, Averie Evans,12 years old, Natchitioches (confession by Phillip DSalle) to my knowledge her body has not been found.1986, Bambi Luann Brantley, Leesville, LA1980, William D Newman, St. Tammany Parish1989, Angela Pitz Smith, East Baton Rouge Parish1995, Edna Hoffman Freeman, Madison Parish1993, Nelda Louise Hardwick Calcasieu Parish1988, Manuel Vargas, Jefferson Parish1987, Rodney Steward, Jefferson Parish1986, Shriram Lele, Jefferson Parish1998, Pearl A Allen, 83 years old, LaSalle

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