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Tina and Bethany Sinclair, Monday4 the Missing

Video and text written by: Angie Gilchrist

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As I begin to write the events of Tina and Bethany's disappearance my eyes are filled with tears and my heart bleeds with pain for Tina and Bethany and their family...I know first hand what this family has and is going through and know the nightmare that this family has been forced to live and without a choice.

In the year of 2001 34 year old single mother Tina Sinclair shared a residence on Mountain road in Chesterfield New Hampshire a quiet community, with her daughter 15 year old Bethany Sinclair, her boyfriend Eugene Van Bowman Jr and another young male.

The relationship Tina and Eugene had was a stormy relationship and Eugene often abused Tina..On one occasion Bowman tried to light Tina on fire..He poured kerosene all over Tina but she managed to get away from him..But it would not end there..Many people believe that Tina and Bethany met their fate at the hands of the man Eugene Van Bowman Jr...However finding proof and fact has been an obstacle for law enforcement..Or is it just plain ignorance on law enforcements part?

Febuary 3 2001 at around 9:30pm Tina and Bowman got into a heated argument at the Marina..Tina left the parking lot in her vehicle a white Neon peeling out and angry.
Tina picked up her daughter Bethany up from the Movie theater and returned home to her residence around 11:30pm on Mountain road, where she then got into another argument with Bowman..According to Bowman he left the home and when he returned Tina and Bethany were gone..Here is where the story gets confusing and unclear. Tina's car was still parked at the home, along with all of their personal things and their pet cat. If someone was going to leave wouldn't they take some of their personal items and their vehicle?
Also an unidentified woman phoned Bethany's school to say that Bethany would not be at school Monday..Who was this mystery lady?

This is what the family of Tina and Bethany do know...
They know that Bethany was on the phone with her boyfriend until almost midnight and had to hang up so she could finish her laundry in the cellar.
The Stepfather also says that Tina was angry with Bowman earlier, when she stopped over to ask her Stepfather to borrow $50 and made plans to cut his hair on Sunday. The stepfather was turned away when he showed up for his haircut by Bowman. He was cleaning the house.
at 4:30 am on Feb 4, 2001 Bowman was cursed at by his neighbors for being out on the river in his hover craft. It had a loud engine and a very bright light.
Bowman had a mistress who was married to one of his friends and co-worker..The four of them would go out on couple dates together.
Two Yankee Nuclear Power Plant barrels were allegedly taken from the plant. Allegedly driven home by Bowman and his truck.Had the markings VT Nuke Power Plant on them.Were black and oval, not like your normal oil barrels. One was on the property (said to be used for ice for parties), the other one was missing.
After Tina and Bethany went missing, Eugene Van Bowman, Jr. was sent to prison for an unrelated sexual assault conviction (child sex offense victim under 13 years old).He was released in April, 2005 to the same home they all lived in.
Eugene Van Bowman, Jr. has been released from jail this fall 2007 on an unrelated offense, and is residing at his home in West Chesterfield, NH.Since then Bowman has sold his residence and has moved.

There is so much more to the mystery of Tina and Bethany's disappearance that remains to be seen..And we can only begin to imagine the horror that Tina and Bethany suffered at the hands of Bowman or from who ever that is responsible for their disappearance.

Most people just don't vanish off the face of the earth for no reason. And if someone does leave on their free will, surely they don't go eight years without contacting a family member. Especially when they have close ties to their loved ones..

How can anyone not have or feel compassion for Tina and Bethany. And for their family? Why and how can anyone live with themselves knowing that they know what happened to these girls? Surely someone has the answer to where Tina and Bethany are and they need to come forward and give this family some sort of peace..All they have of Tina and Bethany is memorial site..A place for them all to go to find some closeness to Tina and Bethany..The family deserves more than that..Tina and Bethany deserve more than that..These girls deserve to be brought back home to their loved ones..

What this family lives day to day I can ASSURE you ALL that it is torture!! PURE TORTURE!! How would you FEEL if someone MURDERED and then DISPOSED of your LOVED one like they were a PIECE of TRASH!!??
HOW WOULD YOU FEEL HUH! You would feel Like your heart has just been ripped right out of your chest. Your life as you once new it is no longer the same..You are forced to become someone else, a person you no longer know or understand..And your whole purpose in life is to find your missing loved one. And to find that existence of peace that you once new, cherished and loved..

Here is a quote from Tina's sister Sharon..
Since my sister and my niece have been gone, so has a part of me. I havent ever been the same. My heart is broken and so is my spirit. My mother has gradually crumbled as time has passed without her precious daughter and grand daughter. The anger, hatred, confusion, nightmares have shredded through me and made me into a person I dont even recognize anymore! Our family was divided at first for a long time, as nothiing was the same. The holidays, birthdays, family gatherings were like a bad dream because Tina and Bethany werent there.
A memorial will replace the one that was stolen last fall in time for the anniversary of Tina and Bethany's missing. Please visit if you can, at the CT River's bend, on Mountain Road, off RT 9 in West Chesterfield, NH. Please light a candle, say a prayer. I will never give up! No one should!

I BEG of you, if anyone has information regarding Tina and Bethany Sinclair please contact

TELEPHONE: (603) 271-3636
CASE: C-01-0161
DATE: 03-19-01

New Hampshire Division of State Police at (603) 271-3636 or (603) 358-3333 or send an email to:

Let this family finally have peace...

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