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William (Billy) Smolinski, Monday4 the Missing

In two days, January 14, William "Billy" Smolinski will be 36 years old.

On August 24, 2004 Billy vanished.

The most comprehensive series of articles about the disappearance of Billy Smolinski is written by Holliston of ZeroGossipand I urge everyone to read all of the entries to get the details of the story from the beginning to the present.

This is a missing person's case that has been convoluted from the very beginning when Waterbury, CT police made the family wait three days before they would take a missing persons report. That was only the start of an uncooperative relationship ultimately leading to the arrest of Billy's mother, Jan, lost DNA samples, and Jan's relentless pursuit of the States Attorney and Governor of CT and contacting the FBI herself to get action.
I just want to let you know if you ask anyone who knew me my life prior to Billy's disappearance, I was quiet, minded my own business and would not challenge. I was forced to either sink or swim and of course I chose the latter.
Had Jan Smolinski not been the consummate mother, never, ever giving it a second thought to do everything in her power to search for her son, this case may have never even been opened. She has tirelessly, day after day, worked this case with tenacity in an effort to get answers about her son. Media outlets, bloggers, and writers have tried to get this story told, but officials and Waterbury in general, for some reason, don't want that.
The media, with the exception of Billy's hometown newspaper, The Waterbury-Republican, has been excellent, Jan said. "I don't know why, but they (the newspaper) washed their hands of Billy. We went to see the state's attorney in Waterbury and asked him for help and his answer to us was 'you care about your son, but no one else does.' I never thought people in authority would ignore situations like this."
Not only has Jan worked daily for Billy, but has given so much of herself to helping others in the same situation with nowhere to get answers. She has not only been instrumental in setting up vigils, making contact with organizations, making a quilt for the missing and speaking engagements, but she has reached out to our congressional leaders to change legislation nationally to benefit how missing persons cases are handled in the future.

This entry has not turned into a spotlight for Billy Smolinski's mother, Jan, but a spotlight on what a family of a missing person often endures.We all want to change that.

Every family of a missing son or daughter, mother or father, sister or brother wants to know that the tragedy they are experiencing is not in vain.

Billy Smolinski will be 36 years old, he is a much loved son, brother and friend. The day he is found and brought home to his family will be the day they will rest their hearts, rest their minds and soothe their souls.

Jan ends all of her correspondence, "Always Hope".

We will always keep the hope alive, and the candle burning .

From Jan Smolinski:
On January 14 Billy would have been celebrating another birthday. This is the fifth birthday that has gone by without him. A senseless act of violence has taken him away. $60,000 is a BIG NUMBER put some dollars in your pocket by coming forward IF YOU KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT HIS DISAPPEARANCE, it is all yours for the RECOVERY OR RETURN of our son. Happy Birthday Billy we love and miss you. Giving up is NEVER an option no matter how long it takes. 2009 is the year for answers. With God ALL things are possible. EVIL FLOURISHES WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING

William "Billy" Smolinski
Missing: August 24, 2004
Missing Age: 31 Years Old
Sex: Male
Race: White
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 200 lbs.
DOB: 01/14/73
Missing From: Waterbury, CT USA
TATTOO’S: A tattoo of a blue cross with the name Pruitt in the cross on left forearm, a tattoo of a blue cross with an orange outline on right shoulder. His left ear is pierced with a small diamond.
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