Monday, October 13, 2008

Brenda Lambert and Mark Cook

written by: Seeker

Law Enforcement nor anyone else in West Virginia will never do

anything to find our precious sister, so we are leaving this to God"

This is a quote from a site loved ones of BRENDA LAMBERT have

When I read this, my heart literally skipped a beat.
It is so typical
of how the missing are viewed by LE (everywhere)
and those who foolishly think,

"that will never happen to me,
Those things only happen to other people."

From what I have read, BRENDA did not leave willingly,
especially on her son's first birthday. Who would miss that
milestone? Not to mention, no personal items were missing.

Along with Ms. Lambert, MARK ANTHONY COOK is
missing from that same area. Surely, someone somewhere
knows just the right piece of information that could possibly
bring not one, but two families closure.

After a loved one goes missing there are no more ordinary

From that day forward perspectives and personalities change.

I hope BRENDA's children were told the good about her and
not just the bad. I hope all children of the missing know
they were not abandoned and given the choice their mom
(mommy, momma, ma, mum, mother,...) would be home
with their children.

I understand the family leaving it in the hands of God.
If He calls the stars by name, I know He knows
every name of
every missing person ! And, will



call their names.

Until then, we will all Seek together,

Lambert family, you are in my

Keep the faith!

Phil. 4:8
Jer 33:3

Bring Brenda Home

Charley Project

The Doe Network


Christy said...

I found this by searching her name...thank you for thinking of her. I could never express how much it means to me that someone is still recognizing my sister!! Im still on the hunt but more incognito now!! Thank you again and God Bless!!! Christy

jessica said...

I posted on another site for Brenda before but I couldn't find it, instead I found this one. I would also like to thank you for thanking of my aunt. She was one of the best and we truly and deeply miss her. She should be in the cold case files by now!! The Detective on the case has not been able to solve it so he should give it to someone else and let them solve the case. Again, thanks so much for helping in our long 19 year journey to find Brenda.

jessica said...

I am Brenda's brother, Tim. We truly miss Brenda and think of her often, especially around the holidays. Brenda would of never walked out on her family. Her daughter, Krista, was Brenda's life and she was very much involved in all the family activities. My mother was on her death bed not long after Brenda became missing. All my sisters and I have always said that Brenda's disappearance sent her to her grave before her time. Mom would send many nights crying and praying for Brenda to be found and as we all believe, her body grew weak from the stress she was undergoing and Cancer set in and finished it. So we lost 2 family members within a year. Most of us have heard stories that were similar about Brenda's disappearance but none being hard enough evidence for the police to pursue. There is plenty of evidence to pursue this case but the Police Department will not do anything about it. Thanks for thinking of my sister and for keeping us in your prayers, it is very appreciated.